For Procurement Teams, there are 7 awards categories that you can choose to submit one or more entries for.

PSA2021 ceremony will recognize the Winners of each category and this year’s TOP 20 Procurement Success Initiatives.

  • Best Procurement Team Award
  • Digital Transformation Award
  • Sustainability for the Future Award
  • Diversity & Inclusion Award
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration Award
  • Supplier Collaboration Award
  • Talent Development Program Award

For Procurement Leader, there is one Special Award for 2021.

  • Procurement Leader Award

Why Enter


Prove Your Standing

Beat the competitors and prove that you are the best in the industry.


Effective Proof of Performance

The valid proof of this year’s great performance with winning the top-level procurement award in the world.


Make your Resume Brilliant

Brighten up your Resume and Take your Career to the Next Level.


Motivation and Recognition

Give you and your team the recognition you deserve for the great work that you do. After all, who wouldn't want to be crowned the best in your profession?


Build a Better Team

Attract and retain top talent

No Entry Fee

Procurement organizations apply for PSA without charging entry fee.

When you are selected by the jury as the winner or successfully enter the Top 20 Procurement Success Initiative,you need to book your table in advance to secure your place.

Book Your Table at the Awards Ceremony& Gala Dinner:

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Scoring Criteria

Jury Measure & Weighting
Peer Jury — Challenge, Context & Objectives (10%)
— Insights & Strategic Idea (25%)
— Planning and Execution (25%)
— Benefits Achieved & Results (40%)
Expert Jury

* Special Notes:

1.Exclusivity Principle
Should a judge's organization enter the awards, the judge with the invested interest will not review the categories entered by his/her organization at any of the review rounds.

The only people with access to the entries are the Operations Team of the organizers and the judges. They both must observe confidentiality rules before being able to access the Entry Platform. They are not allowed to discuss the content of the entries with anyone outside of this judging process.