Meet the Judges

25 procurement leaders from all over the world will form panel of judges. After making an awards submission, your entry will be put in front of them. These forerunners are known for their business impact so they're a trustworthy group. This means you can rest assured that you entries are reviewed through a fair and impartial process. Here come the first-tier judges:

  Chair of Judges  

Joseph N. Agresta

Former CPO;
Assistant Professor of Supply Chain, Rutgers University Business School

Johnson & Johnson

  The Judges Line-up  

Dr.Arnd Hirschberg

Global CPO


Christian Voland

Global CPO& Europe-Asia Procurement Director


Amita Khurana


Tata Steel BSL

Aamir Shaukat

Global Vice President, CPO

Essilor Group

Benedikt Machens

Vice President & CPO


Sebastien Brunel



Thomas H. Glossner

Vice President & CPO


Jan Clysner

VP Procurement & Sustainability APAC

AB InBev

Shimin Jiang

VP, SCM & IT & Process Management

Phoenix Contact

Dayong Wang

Expert Committee of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing(CFLP), Academic Instructor of ISM

More judges will be announced soon.

Judging Procedure


Each category is assigned to five judges for review. Vote to judge whether the entries are shortlisted. The entries with the higher number of votes will be shortlisted and enter the final review. Elimination rate is around 20%.

The integrity, clarity and authenticity of the submission are the most important for this round of review.


The Jury in Round 2 evaluates effectiveness, to determine winners from among the finalist. Each category judged by a panel of five or more judges.

Round 2 Jury meets to evaluate the finalists' submission deeply, including the supporting material.

The submission is scored on Challenge, Context & Objectives; Insights & Strategic Idea; Planning and Execution; Benefits Achieved & Results. Finally, the highest average score wins. The chairman of the jury will review the scores of all the finalist in the category before determining the final score.

Please Note:

* Should a judge's organization enter the awards, the judge with the invested interest will not review the categories entered by his/her organization at any of the two rounds.

* The only people with access to the entries are the Operations Team of the organizers and the judges. They both must observe confidentiality rules before being able to access the Entry Platform. They are not allowed to discuss the content of the entries with anyone outside of this judging process.

Scoring Criteria


Challenge, Context & Objectives(15%)


Insights & Strategic Idea(20%)


Planning and Execution(30%)


Benefits Achieved & Results.(35%)