What is the deadline?

Entries must be submitted by 24:00(UTC/GMT+08:00) on 31 Aug. The system will automatically prevent entry submissions/changes after the deadline. DO NOT contact and ask for extensions as they will not be granted under any circumstances.

Are application entries kept confidential?

We recognize and respect the sensitive nature of the information submitted in the entries. Entries are not disclosed or discussed outside the judging process. In addition, entrants may mark any commercially sensitive information contained in their entry as 'not for publication'. All entries and supporting material will be destroyed after the Awards presentation. The organizers reserve the right to use information contained in the winning entries for subsequent publicity, promotions and other activities relating to the Awards.

Publicity and promotion

Multi-channel integrated publicity, accurately reaching 800,000+ procurement elites around the world. Such as official WeChat account, Awards official website, LinkedIn official account, Newsletters, Winners Supplement, Youtube, Twitter etc.

Excellent teams will be promoted by 80+ domestic and foreign cooperative media. 100+ Original press releases, 200+ Reprint press releases. The cumulative delivery reaches 15 million+ target audiences, and the total media value reaches 10 million.

Need advice to prepare your submission?

1)"Before filling in each part of the submission form, you can first write an outline to make the case or explanation strong and concise generally. When answering questions, compare the outline to ensure that the answers in each part are consistent with the entirety."
2) "Please provide sufficient background information so that judges can understand your company's market environment and how difficult it is to achieve success."
3) "Cases that are concise and logical are tend to stand out, which are often refreshing and help you score high."
4) "Please try to be honest, truthful and concise while writing the submission, rather than use a lot of technical terms."
5) "Results should be clearly linked to goals. Don't falsify or write goals to satisfy existing results. "
6) "It also applies to case stories, which are written in a way that appeals to the judges and focuses on how your procurement strategy or solution will help you achieve your goals without overcomplicating. Less is more!"
7) "Check grammar, misspellings, calculations and inconsistent numbers."

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

For any questions concerning entry procedure please contact:

Queenie Wang