There are 15 awards categories that you can choose to submit one or more entries for. They are divided into: For Procurement Teams Categories, For Vendors Categories and Special Award 2021.

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Best Procurement Team Award

This category is created to give recognition to procurement teams who have efforts in achieving outstanding corporate / procurement results. For example, increased efficiencies, influence, savings, competitive advantage and so on.

Digital Transformation Award

Recognizing successful digital procurement transformation projects.

This category rewards procurement teams who have implemented successful digital transformation resulting in transformative outcomes. This could include the successful reconceptualization and reorganization of procurement strategies, processes, personnel, skills, and support systems through using emerging digital technologies. The new possibilities become operational, bringing huge benefits and a more agile and competitive organization.

Procurement Innovation Award

Recognizing the teams capitalizing on innovation to turn a challenge into an opportunity for new success. For example, supplier innovation projects, cost saving innovation projects, innovation culture and so on.

Diversity & Inclusion Award

Recognizing teams that are delivering business value as a result of a supplier diversity and inclusion programme.

Supplier Collaboration Award

Recognizing teams exemplifying the power of strong supplier partnerships for shared success and increased business value. And entrants should demonstrate the processes and mechanisms that the procurement team and supplier working collaboratively on a successful project.

Sustainability for the Future Award

Sustainable procurement is about the future.

This category rewards ethical procurement that is the integration of sustainable, environmental and responsible performance factors into the process of selecting products, services or suppliers. These can be either procurement-led or organization-led initiatives, However, entrants must evidence the specific procurement role in the project’s success.

Talent Development
Programme Award

Recognizing excellence in professional procurement capability development.

This category rewards training, development programmes and group culture that nurture and retain procurement talent.

Procurement Process
Improvement Awards

Recognizing teams who have set up a successful process improvement initiative: Processes have been upgraded or changed, resulting in demonstrable improvements to business outcomes.

Collaboration Award

Recognizing excellent cross-functional teamwork projects.

Celebrating the teams that have implemented excellent projects, such as in procurement projects or business process improvement, which through strong internal partnerships.

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Procurement Consulting Award

This category is open to consultancy firms who have delivered strategic business improvement projects. The Documents Presented must be cases study-led demonstrate how the consultancy firm provides excellent procurement services.

Procurement Technology Award

Recognizing the technology-driven procurement software/system solution providers.

This category rewards the procurement technology that created an excellent solution to support procurement function for creating and delivering value that they want.

Business Travel Award

Recognizing excellent business travel service providers.

This category opens to firms offering the business travel service including enterprise mobility, air travel, business hotel, travel/MICE solution provider, etc. The award recognizes their good job to improve the customer experience, help procurement function increase operational efficiency or save costs.

E-Procurement Platform Award

Recognizing the excellent E-Procurement Platforms that provides channel for enterprises to purchase office supplies and services, MRO items and more.

This category opens to E-Procurement Platforms offering enterprises of all sizes an easy way to meet all of their procurement needs. This could include help procurement function improve procurement efficiency, decrease comprehensive procurement costs, simplify the process, etc.

Industrial Product Award

This category opens to companies who produce capital goods used in construction and manufacturing. Those brands have excellent product performance, supply capacity, after-sales service which meet the procurement needs, thus strongly supporting the procurement team to empower the enterprise's business.

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Procurement Leader Award

Great leadership is a cornerstone of any successful procurement organization. Procurement Leader Award is recognized for the outstanding leadership qualities and extraordinary influence within their firms and over the entire procurement profession.